Dorm Room Must-Haves


It’s hard to believe that your baby is heading to college, but it’s happening. Here is a round-up of some must-haves for his or her dorm room.

The dorm beds are certainly not the most comfy so your son or daughter will truly appreciate a mattress topper. We love this memory foam topper for a Twin XL mattress or this one for other sizes. The liquid gel infused memory foam reduces heat and increases air flow so your child will stay cooler and more comfortable. This is literally the gift that will keep on giving… every night.

Speaking of beds, if you want to put a smile on their faces (and their bed), give them an Emoji pillow. This adorable and comfy pillow is made of super soft cushion plush and brings their favorite emoji to life. We are big fans of the ILuvEmoji one with sunglasses.

You won’t be around to make sure they bathe frequently, but you can make sure they smell great with Bath & Body Works lotions. How about a new scent – Hello Beautiful or A Thousand Wishes. Your child will smell fabulous and some will hopefully rub off and mask some of the dirty laundry smell  :)

Your child may have to deal with laundry for the first time now that he or she is away from home. Split It is an innovative, split laundry bag that let’s you sort your lights from darks. It also features two thick backpack straps allowing students to easily carry their laundry to and from the laundry mat (or who are we kidding, for when they bring it home!)

REtape is a new tape that will help your child re-use, re-seal and re-tape packages of food that you send them. Created by an at-home inventor, REtape turns into an easy to lift tab — so you can remove it, grab some chips, then re-seal the bag.  In addition, it is easy to write on REtape so your child can label his or her food.

Late nights lead to a need for coffee in the a.m. Keurig K15 Brewer is their smallest brewer so it’ll fit in a small spot. It comes in fun colors (we love Chili Red and True Blue). This baby can brew three cup sizes in under two minutes. They will definitely thank you. (well, they’ll think it even if they don’t say it).

Your college student is going to be doing a lot of typing so you should definitely think about helping protect their Mac with a Flapjacks. These designer keyboard covers not only look swanky, but they are made of durable waterproof silicon that fit perfectly to prevent crumbs and spills from ruining their computer. The cover also reduces typing noise – something a roommate will appreciate!

A bulletin board is a must-have for notes, pictures and so much more for any dorm room. Since space is limited, we love the Trigon Bulletin Board because not only is it functional but it’s also a work of art. Love it.

Clear skin for your teen is super important as they move on to college. Send them to school with dermatologist-recommended skincare products from PanOxyl®. They have a stronger foaming wash and a creamy face wash for more sensitive skin – both clean and unclog pores to treat skin and prevent blemishes before they start.



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