10 Most Popular Baby Names

As you prepare to welcome a new baby to your family, deciding on his name is one of the most important decisions you must make. Whether you want her name to stand out from the rest or fit in with the others, the most popular names among babies can help you understand which names are already out there.


According to the Social Security Administration, the number 1 name for baby boys in 2009 was Jacob. If you like this name, or its biblical or historical significance, you can use alternative versions of the name Jacob. Alternatives include Jakob, Jake or Jacobb. The second most popular name in the United States in 2009 was Ethan. The Oklahoma State Department had these two switched in 2008, making Ethan the most popular and Jacob the second most popular. The third most popular baby boy name, both in Oklahoma and across the nation, was Michael. Alternative names or nicknames might include Mikey, Mike or Mick. In New York in 2008, the most popular baby boy name was Jayden. If you like the sound of this name, alternatives might include Grayden or Hayden.


In 2009, the most popular baby girl name across the United States was Isabella, according to the Social Security Administration. The name Isabella comes with a number of variations, including Bella, Belle and Izzy. These also make great pet or nicknames, if the full name Isabella seems too formal to you. The second most popular name, and the most popular in Oklahoma in 2008, was Emma. If you want a similar name, think of Emmy or Emily, which was the most popular in New York City. Olivia was the third most popular girl name across the United States in 2009. Shorter or cuter versions of this name might include Liv, Livy or Ollie. Sophia has also been a popular name, ranking number 4 in the United States in 2009. Variations could include Sofia or Sophie.


Whether you are unsure of the sex of your baby or you just like the sound of gender-neutral names, you may find the names that work well for both boys and girls to be appealing. The Oklahoma State Department gathered a list of the most popular gender-neutral names in 2008. Topping the list was the name Peyton. Variations of this name for either girls or boys might include Payton, Peyten or Payten. Riley ranked second in this list of names for either sex.



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