Mom in a Bikini: Hot or Not?


Shout out for summertime! How many moms wear bikinis? Raise your hand. How many moms wear bikinis that tie at the hips and back and neck, and wear these little sexy stringy numbers in front of their kids, their kids’ friends and their kids’ friends’ parents?

Hmmm. Can’t claim that one…. which is weird, considering that I’ve always been a bikini gal all the way. Trust me, I’m no supermodel-bangin’-bod-type, but I am thrilled to report that after two babies in two years, I can surprisingly pull off wearing my old bikinis without appearing as though I’ve completely lost all sense of reality regarding my own self image. (Sure, things are a bit saggier than before, but it all works out fine as long as I have a bit of padding in the bust and major self-tanner on my legs!)

Lately though, I’ve felt weird…. inappropriate… self-conscious. I’m a mom of TWO now. Moms of TWO don’t wear bikinis unless they’re in the privacy of their own backyard.

Why have these feelings invaded my brain? Society pressure? An extraordinary conservative family and group of friends? My own adjustment issues about being a “mom” and what that actually means? I have no idea.

I’m the chick that made myself walk around the house in my underwear just after my babies arrived for the sole purpose of maintaining a healthy body image after birth. I’m the chick that wore hot pink high heels to a toddler’s birthday party just to prove to myself I was still sexy and stylish. I’m the chick that made it a point to trash my C-section granny-panties at the earliest rational opportunity so that I wouldn’t even be tempted to wear them in a weak moment.

My new little fear of all-things-2-piece doesn’t have anything to do with body issues, but rather if I’m being appropriate as a mother. This way of thinking is uncharacteristically conservative for me… which really makes me wonder why I’ve even created this little should-I-or-shouldn’t-I debate in my head. Does Brooke Burke wear bikinis when her kids’ friends come over to play in the pool, or just for celebrity photoshoots? (Brooke, feel free to lend some advice on this!)

What about you? Did you question rocking certain types of swimsuits when you became a mom?



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