Making Play a Priority


The snow sparkles, a glittery dance as the sun shines across the white field. I watch little feet walk to the top of a small hill. I hear the snow crunch as each foot pushes through the outer icy crust.

Our little girl hops on her Daddy’s back as they lie tummy down on a slick-bottom sled. She, only a fraction of his size. They glide and the memory burns into my heart. Everything. All of it. The laughter, the smiles, the rosy red cheeks.

I lie down in the snow and gaze up at the bright sun. I feel the sway of the tall trees, and am overcome by the strong sensation that none of this is a random accident. It is much greater than me.

My mind wanders to something I recently learned on the Science Channel. At the center of our galaxy lies a super massive black hole. The black hole is no longer feeding, and extremely unknown. Many more black holes exist sprinkled throughout the beautiful colorful puffy pancake of a galaxy we call home – the milky way. The earth rides up and down and around, much like a merry-go-round ride. We feel the warmth of our one sun. There is so much more out there! It is millions of years old, that’s if time is even relevant at all.

Let’s take care of our one home and love everyone! We don’t need more than our neighbor; we just need to be connected through our hearts, as a collective whole.

As sure as you are to breath, while you are here on earth make sure you have fun! Take time to play, to feel the wind, appreciate earth’s life giving water, and the frozen miraculous flakes of snow.

Playing makes it all worthwhile!




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