Hawaii Do Over


The following is an article from Traveling Pat! Patricia is a regular contributor to The Inspirational Mom.


It’s February and I am in Hawaii, Kihei Maui to be precise. I know I know….it’s a dirty job and all that. Maui is a place where the sea is always blue, the sand is soft and warm, and the sun a welcome golden light.

As I was lounging on my deck surveying the lush landscape below I started to think about all the families here and what a great place this is for a family holiday. There are oodles of things to do for everyone and I pretty much can guarantee that the weather is warmer and more consistent than where you are at the moment…. I’ve been entertained just watching all the kids playing on the beach having a blast. It’s a bit of a miracle I know but so far have only heard one kid crying. Something to do with ice cream I think! Kids are just too busy having fun to do much fussing. I would love to come here with my grandkids one day.

I, however, am not here with children and am having a wonderful time regardless. We are staying at the Maui garden house booked through www.idealvacationrentals.com and it is a perfect fit for us. 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms, pool, hot tub, BBQ area and only 60 seconds from having our wine on the beach at sunset. Gotta love it!

Anyway, Aaron and I explored the Kula botanical Gardens and was that ever something! Some of these exotic flowers look like they could be in a Harry Potter movie. Every time I come here I get to do something I didn’t do before. Here are some pictures in the gallery below to enjoy. Aloha



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