Can Saving Money be Good for Your Health?


Saving money can be good for your health!?

Four weeks ago my husband and I decided that we would go cold turkey, no credit cards!! while this may seem crazy to some it was an intervention that we needed ;) So, what this meant was only spending on what we really needed, gas, food, house etc. Therefore my love for Starbucks grande double pump skinny vanilla latte would have to RIP!!

Scary as this was for me, by week two I realized I was living a life without artificial sweeteners.  As a fitness professional I am well aware of all the pros/cons to using artificial sweeteners. Pro – no calories, con – full of “artificial.”

Well, although I love an occasional Diet Coke or latte with sugar-free syrup I will be the first to admit it didn’t come without the occasional discomfort. From time to time I would experience stomach cramping or bloating after a drink with artificial sweeteners, I knew immediately what the cause was but since it didn’t happen every time and I thoroughly enjoyed my lattes I wasn’t willing to give them up.

Through this journey of trying to cut back as so many of us are these days I have actually been able to do something good for my health! I haven’t had a stomach ache since and am enjoying the challenge of finding ways to make my coffee (with 3 kids come on I can’t leave that ;) without the artificial!

So, the lesson that I hope you will take away from this is that sometimes no matter how much you know what you are doing is wrong, overeating, not exercising, making excuses until you have a REASON to make a change you probably never will. 

Find your reason, it may save you money, i.e walking to work instead of driving and benefit your health as well!



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