Hot Wheels Themed Birthday Party


My son Porter is obsessed with Mattel’s Hot Wheels. He has a good collection of them – he eats with them in a line above his plate, he carries them in every pocket available, he “borrows” them from our neighbor Robert and sleeps with them only to wake with wheel and axle marks on his face and limbs. If one is missing or displaced among blankets or swallowed by the mattress, it takes the family search team to retrieve it. “Found it!!!” Usually is squealed by yours truly.

This year as he turned 2, I thought a Hot Wheels themed birthday party would be just the road I’d go this year. Here’s what I did:

I first made the cupcakes. I made them dark chocolate and found these black and white cupcake holders at a craft store. I made the frosting green like grass, and used a fork to flick upward to create the grass look. I also used a search engine on the computer to search for “race car flags” and printed them out, cut them and added them to them topping the cupcake. I then added a Hot Wheels car, and it looked like this:

We had pizza, soda and cupcakes and gave each of the kids a single cupcake when they left. I used a plastic cup so transporting the cupcake would be super easy!

I set up a race car ramp for the kids, they all had fun with all the cars I provided. It was casual and easy, the kids were easily entertained so the adults could hang out and talk.

I knew having a Hot Wheels birthday party theme would just make his collection bigger. So I found the most functional and stylish drawer with separators. It was at a local antique store for just $2! I plan on using this perfect display piece for his cars and hang it in his room for the latest, shiniest new wheels.

As a party treat, I filled blue lunch bags with various treats, but the real prize was that everyone got another Hot Wheels car. Hot Wheels are not just for boys, as Riley and Elle can attest!

This party was easy, it was fun and the kids who came to help celebrate had a great time! As Porter turned two, he collected a lot more Hot Wheels, and the race track was his only gift – but it’s one he plays with constantly!! This was an inexpensive party as I had many things I used just around the house.

For decorations I used candy jar hurricanes and filled them with cars. Add a sparkly paper mat and there you go – so party-esque! I hope this has given other moms ideas to use Hot Wheels as a theme for a birthday party. Send in your pictures to share! What have you come up with?!

This race is a winner!

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*Hot Wheels provided toy cars for review purposes.



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