16-Pound Baby Born in Texas


Everything is bigger in Texas- even babies! Janet Johnson gave birth to a 16 pound baby Friday in Longview, Texas. Janet and fiance Michael Brown’s baby boy, named JaMichael, was delivered by a Caesarean section. Doctors thought the couple’s baby would weight 12 or 13 pounds, but never could have predicted him to weigh in at 16 pounds. JaMichael’s size surprised even the doctors!

Their doctor, Dr. John Kirk told ABC News that both the mother and the father are large people and that Janet’s diabetes contributed to his size. A rare genetic disorder can cause unusually large babies, but it is most common for a heavy baby to be born to a diabetic mother. A women’s uterus can handle up to 16 pounds (think twins).

Dr. Ian Holzman told ABC News that babies usually get this large because the mother has poorly controlled diabetes allowing the baby to get extra glucose calories during the pregnancy.

Although this is Johnson’s fourth child, none of her other kids have been of an abnormal size. The Guinness World Record holder, Ann Bates gave birth to the world’s heaviest newborn in 1879 weighing in at 23 pounds, 12 ounces.



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