Just When We Thought We Couldn’t Love Emma Stone Any More…


Sorry for the Upworthy-esque headline but seriously, if this video of Jimmy Fallon and Emma Stone’s lip-sync battle doesn’t make you smile… well, then you should go back to your stainless steel pod and plug yourself into your charging station because you are certainly a robot.

The actress faced off against the late-night talk show host during her appearance on The Tonight Show to promote The Amazing Spider-Man 2. 
Oh and by the way, she also made our day by revealing that she’s been checking out mom blogs! 
Lately I’m checking out some young mom blogs. Here’s how it happened…There are people blogging about pretty much everything, but there women in my age range that are mothers. I can’t even get my life together enough to put furniture in an apartment. I just Pinterest everything.”

As if that wasn’t enough to cement our lifelong crush on this sassy redhead, she absolutely brought her A-game to the ensuing lip sync battle with Jimmy Fallon. 

We don’t want to give too much away, but let’s just say the only thing better than Fallon’s “Mr. Roboto” performance is Stone’s final number. #NAILEDIT
Watch below. (You’re welcome.)



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