Christmas Decoration Crafts for Kids

While store-bought Christmas decorations are nice, decorations your child makes by hand are priceless. With a few simple supplies, your child can create Christmas decorations that can be proudly displayed throughout your home. When choosing which holiday decorations to make with your child, remember his age and skill level will determine how much assistance he needs from you to complete the craft.

Handprint Trees

If you would like to spruce up your walls this holiday season, making a handprint Christmas tree with your child may just fit the bill. Made from paper cut-outs of your child’s handprint, this festive wall decoration is simple to create. Once your child has traced and cut out eight or nine of his handprints from green construction paper, cut out a star from silver or white paper and a tree trunk from brown paper, the tree can be assembled. Using a large piece of construction paper as the background, your child can glue the trunk onto the bottom of the paper and then arrange and glue the handprints onto the trunk. When the handprints are overlapped and each layer is placed more closely together from the bottom up, the tree shape is created. Decorating the tree by gluing on plastic jewels, sequins and ribbon will complete the craft.

Tree Ornament

Clear glass or frosted bulbs can be transformed into customized Christmas tree ornaments that can be used to decorate your tree or given as gifts for others to decorate theirs. If you have a baby or young child, covering her hand with acrylic paint and stamping it onto the bulb will create a decorative memento. If your child is older, painting the bulbs or covering them in glue and sprinkling them with glitter are other ways she can decorate them. Once the bulbs are dry, inserting a piece of ribbon into the hanger of each bulb and tying a knot in it will create a ribbon loop that can be used to hang the bulb on the tree.

Christmas Wreath

Your child can create festive Christmas wreath by using basic supplies that you likely have around the home. Using a large white paper plate with the center cut out as a base, your child can decorate his wreath as simply or as elaborately as he wishes. Painting the wreath green will provide an appropriate backdrop for decorating the wreath. Gluing on leaf, berry, flame and candle paper cut-outs will help to create a Christmas-themed wreath. Depending on the age of your child, you may have to assist her with drawing or making the paper cut-outs.



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