How to Dress Post-Pregnancy

Retiring the maternity clothes immediately after giving birth isn’t possible for most women. While much of the pregnancy weight gain is lost with the delivery of your baby, your stomach won’t go back to its previous state immediately. You might also feel self-conscious about the changes to your body. These changes combined with the exhaustion and hormones leave some moms frustrated by the clothing options. Postpartum dressing should make you feel comfortable and stylish while allowing for easy breastfeeding if you choose to nurse.

Step 1

Save your smaller maternity clothes that you wore at the beginning of your pregnancy. They won’t be as baggy as some of the larger maternity clothes you wore toward the end.

Step 2

Purchase special nursing shirts that look like regular fashion shirts with easier access to the breasts for nursing. Look at a specialty maternity clothing store for more selection.

Step 3

Wear nursing tank tops under your shirts for nursing ease. When your baby needs to nurse, simply lift your shirt from the bottom and open the flap on the nursing tank top. The outer shirt keeps the majority of your breasts covered while the bottom of the tank top keeps your stomach covered for more discrete breastfeeding.

Step 4

Wear empire-style shirts to provide a more tailored look than a shirt that is baggy all over. This style is fitted at the top but looser in the belly area, ideal for hiding your stomach until it gets closer to your pre-pregnancy state.

Step 5

Pair a long tunic sweater with a wide belt to accent your waistline. This gives your waist definition while still allowing the sweater to hide your belly.

Step 6

Wear stretchy leggings with the longer empire-waist shirts and tunic sweaters. The leggings are more comfortable than the jeans that will restrict your stomach and might still be tight.

Step 7

Accessorize your outfit with scarves, jewelry and fashionable shoes to add a stylish look to your basic outfit. The accessories might also boost your confidence by making you feel current and fashionable.



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