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The following is an article from Traveling Pat! Patricia is a regular contributor to The Inspirational Mom.

I am back to Brooke Burke DVDs, back to exercise and back to feeling good again.

I was doing my transform your body DVD faithfully for quite a few months (even took it to France on a holiday!) and one thing led to another and I fell off the program.  I would still do bouts of it but for some reason I wasn’t committed enough.  Now Brooke has a new program out and my Daughter in Law Wendy of Give Love Create Happiness (blogger extraordinaire!) was excited about doing it so I finally bit the bullet and bought the DVD 30 Day Slim Down and I re-committed.

FIRST DAY: Tone and Sculpt.  I can’t tell you how happy I am that it is ONLY 30 minutes!  It feels like it goes by in a flash.  Rusty?  A little… well maybe allot…  I stumbled my way through thinking it wasn’t too bad and later I felt the same muscle fatigue I get when I do the hour- long program.  I think it is because there are more components involved in each move.  So far, so good…

OMG! I did the cardio day…..yikes! The best thing I can say about it is that this morning I learned a new word.  Burpee.  This is Not a good word… trust me. It is some kind of exercise that I am sure the Special Forces do for their secret training missions…  I lumbered through it as best I could though.  Brooke and her team seem happy enough doing it (laughing, smiling) so maybe I can get there also. One of the things I like about doing a DVD in my home is the privacy.

Big Mistake:  This morning I worked for a couple of hours in the vineyard I am helping my son and DIL put in, then came home did some housework and then did the cardio.  Not smart.  I was terrible but I am happy to say that I stuck it out and didn’t quit.  Phew!




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