3 Minute Meltdown!!

Here it is- a total body workout that you can do anytime you have 6 min. No excuses and nothin’ to it but to DO IT!

I used this one myself each weekday morning and evening, for the last 5 days, regardless of what kind of day it was. Now I am taking a day or two off from it. Try it, then check yourself out after 5 days, you will notice your improvement. If you have hurdles to getting this done, tell me.  I am happy to help you navigate around them, email me at kristin@mydailytrainer.com . Our lives are packed to the brimm with stuff that doesn’t add to our self-esteem, health, or fitness- adding this will!

Good Luck! I am always here if you need me!


3 Minute Meltdown

1 min Plank

30 Second Static Lunge Hold on each leg

1 min Pushups


1 min Jumping Jack’s

1 min Squat hops

1 min side to side hops (single or double feet)

Repeat as time permits (3x or so)






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