Growing Your Own Food


“Growing your own food isn’t just a hobby; it is part of a healthy lifestyle. Children learn where food comes from. They can appreciate nature and the effect that we can have on our environmental horizon. Simple tasks, such as raking leaves, pulling weeds, growing seedlings or peeling a carrot they grew themselves, put them in touch with the world outside the plastic packet in the fridge. … So grow your own food: It is trendy, politically correct, wholesome, good for the environment, good for our tight budgets and for our burgeoning waistlines. And it isn’t hard. … Get your hands dirty and enjoy the soil and the sunshine. Pick and plunder from outside your own windows. Enjoy the process from garden to table and all that is in between.”  ~ Sally Cameron, Author, ‘Grow It Cook It.’

With love & homegrown gratitude,
Wendy Irene



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