Let’s Craft: Make Drink Coasters with Your Kids


Let’s Craft is a special feature full of great crafts, inspiration and DIY projects that are perfect for any Modern Mom!

This project comes from Jessie Jane, the founder of Lilyshop:

“It’s fun for the kids and something that you can keep forever!”

This is the perfect craft for exercising your child’s creativity and imagination while getting an end product that will protect your coffee table and last for years.  Jessie even says, “When your kids are older, you could give them their coasters.”


  • Square canvases, the size of a coaster (i.e. 4″x4″)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Acrylic paint (Note: Choose colors that match the room!)
  • Paint brushes
  • Permanent marker
  • Felt
  • Triple thick clear varnish


1. Lay out a tarp or old table cloth for the kids to paint on.  Give each of them a coaster, paintbrushes, and paint.

2. Let them paint the coaster however they choose.  Rest easy that since they are using the colors of your living room, they will look more like art than a kids’ craft.

3. Cut a piece of felt the same size as the canvas.  Turn over the canvas and hot glue the felt to the bottom.  This will protect the table from scratches.

4. Don’t forget to have your kids sign and date the coasters.  This is a great craft to do once a year so you can see your child’s skills improve each year.

5. Once the paint is totally dry, apply a coat of clear varnish.  This will make your coasters waterproof and that way you can keep them for years to come!

Want to see Jessie take you through this craft step by step? Check out the video below:

Planning to try this at home? We’d love to see how it turns out! Send us photos of your crafty efforts, and we’ll add them to our photo gallery!




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