5 Tips for Spicing Up Your Sex Life


Whether you’re new to motherhood, or a well “trained” mother of a few, you’re a woman, first and foremost!

Now that the entire female population has been swept away, head over heels, with the “Fifty Shades of Grey” phenomenon, it’s time to remind your lover what powerful sexuality feels like…

Take charge, you are fabulous!!

1. Don’t keep your hands to yourself:  Touching and caressing is a wonderful thing! Don’t restrict it to your private, intimate environment but rather fondle and embrace anytime or anywhere. Hold hands while watching your favorite show, caress the nape of his neck while he’s driving, or rub your thigh against his during breakfast. The only way is up :)

2. Self-stimulate while indulging in his caress. It will turn him on and give you a “helping hand” towards your climax. It takes two, baby…

3. Played with him long enough? Once he wishes to move on to “other business,” lock your thighs and have him “work for the perk.”

4. Wake up call: Any time is good for seduction. Want to surprise and excite him? Start caressing his body, while he’s sound asleep. Start with his erogenous zones as a tease, then immediately broaden your touch to other areas.  

5. Lead the way: Take matters into your hands with the role of a Sex Diva! Assertive women are ranked very high in the “men’s biggest fantasies” scale. Do what you want with him… take no prisoners!  Just don’t initiate this routine too often; he might forget that you like to get thrown down, too.



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