Meet MTV's New Plus Size Reality Star: Chelsea Settles

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MTV's latest reality series follows a small-town girl who moves to the big city (Los Angeles) to break into the fashion world. Sound like a cliche? Well guess again, because the star is anything but!

Chelsea Settles wants to pursue a career in fashion - which is full of stick-thin models and the people who worship them. But at 324 lbs, Settles may have a hard time making headway in one of the most judgemental industries in the world. And her weight isn't her only obstacle - the 23-year-old has a mother who struggles with severe diabetes, and a long-distance boyfriend who isn't always the most supportive.

According to MTV, Settles is a "new kind of MTV heroine.” The network views the show as a sort of social experiment to test whether a superficial industry will be able to accept a plus-sized woman. 

The show will debut on October 11th. What do you think? Will you tune in?

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