Indian Names for Baby Girls

While some parents opt to give their little girl a name that is popular at the time of her birth, others seek a more meaningful — and ethnic — name. If you are of Indian decent, or just appreciate the eclectic culture present in this robust country, considering giving your baby girl an Indian-inspired name.


Select an Indian name representative of the light that your new girl will bring into your life with the name Aahana. This flowery girl name means “first rays of the sun,” reports


If religion is significant in your life, consider the Indian name Pooja. This name literally translates to “worship,” effectively reflecting the importance you place upon devotion.


Eco-devoted parents seeking an Indian name may want to consider Dhatri. This name translates to mean “Earth,” clearly tying the title to the planet that you and your child call home.


If you feel, like many new parents, that your bundle of joy is a gift from above, consider this Indian name, which translates to “God’s gift.” Another benefit of this name is the fact that it can easily be shortened to a simple name, such as An, if you would prefer.


Moms who want their daughters to be just like them might consider selecting the name Ina. This simple name translates directly to “mother,” making it directly reflective of motherhood. This name is especially apt if your name has an “-ina” in it, such as the name Christina, as the selection of this name ties you to your new infant.


If you like the idea of giving your little girl an Indian-inspired name, but aren’t comfortable stepping too far astray from traditional American names, consider Selma. This name, which moves in and out of popularity in American popularity, comes from an Indian word meaning “fair.”


Select a name that represents beauty to bestow upon your new baby. The name Kamini translates to beauty and, as such, is a wise name choice for a stunning new infant. If giving your child this name, consider adopting a nickname, such as Mini, to use when speaking to your baby.



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