Perez Hilton Releases Children’s Book That Promotes Tolerance


Celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton released a children’s book today that celebrates individuality and self-acceptance.  Called “The Boy With Pink Hair,” it’s the story of a child born with some brightly colored hair, who ultimately learns to embrace what makes him unique.

Hilton, who at times was known for his own trademark pink hairstyle, said in a press release:

“I am absolutely elated about this book, which comes from a very dear and genuine place within me. While I can identify in many ways with The Boy With Pink Hair, he represents so much more.  This story is about every kid that’s ever had a dream, felt excluded, wanted to belong, and hoped that one day they could do what they loved and make a difference.  Today, with this book, that’s exactly what I feel I have the opportunity to do.  I hope everyone can share in the spirit of a boy that only wants to bring some happiness to the world around him.”

The book is published by Celebra Children’s Books, an imprint of Penguin Young Reader’s Group, and is available on Amazon.

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