Nautical Nursery Design


Land ho!

Looking for a room decorating theme that works for baby boys and girls? Well, search no farther than the seashore!

Whether you live in Nantucket, Massachusetts or Omaha, Nebraska, a nautical themed bedroom can create a cozy, fun environment for children. And the best part is, it’s so easy to shop for!

The nautical trend has taken over, not just in the clothing world, but in terms of interior design, as well. Here are some great shore-themed items to make your child’s bedroom look like something you’d find at the docks of Cape Cod.


When it comes to walls, it’s all about the right color scheme. Consider whites and creams, mixed with primary colors. Blue and white is a clean and classic look, while blue and yellow is a little bit brighter!


Coastal towns tend to be breezy, so make sure you’ve got a good quilt! We especially love this Coastal Portable Crib Bedding from Carousel Designs. The madras style cotton plaid is trendy and modern, and the bottle cap printed crib sheet adds a vintage touch. 


Ever been to an antique coastal town? If you have and you’ve been aboard an old ship, you’ve probably seen and wondered about those green or clear spots on the ship’s deck. They’re light prisms, and we’re used in the days before electricity to funnel natural sunlight below deck to brighten things up. Nowadays, you can purchase light prisms as collectors items, and while they’re not quite as functional as the modern lightbulb, they’ll certainly add a real “on a ship” feel to your child’s bedroom. 


Get creative! From decorative driftwood to old life-preservers, there are tons of interesting ways to accent your little darling’s room. For example, these wood anchor wall hooks are both fun and functional. Love!



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