Parents’ Guide to Back-to-School Vaccinations


It’s that time of year for back to school check-ups and vaccinations.  Parents can often feel overwhelmed with the task of addressing so many health concerns in a brief amount of time. 

For some parents vaccinating their children can be stressful and cause a considerable amount of worry.  So here are a few tips to make back to school check-ups and vaccinations go in little more smoothly:

Plan Ahead

Schedule your office visit during your child’s most cooperative time of day and remember to pack special playthings and snacks. Doctor offices are often busiest in the afternoon so try to find the ideal balance of your little one’s mood and the quietest time at the doctor’s office.  You can always book extra time if you feel you need it to fully address your questions.  Write a list of health concerns ahead of time and address them early in the visit so you can have enough time to cover all your concerns. 

Talk With Your Doctor

If you are worried about vaccinations it is important to forge a plan with your doctor that addresses your child’s specific vaccination needs and your concerns. Most pediatricians allow 15 minute vaccination appointments where you can simply discuss the immunization schedule or any concerns you may have before scheduling the vaccination appointment.

Be Prepared For Vaccination

With your doctor’s visit scheduled, you can start preparing for the day.  Ensure the immune system is at its best by allowing for enough sleep and maintaining a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables for your little one in the days prior to vaccination.  Consider nutritional support like VacciShield prior to your office visit to help support wellness during the vaccination process. 

Help During Shots

Try different techniques to minimize the pain of injection like distracting your little one with songs or favorite playthings.  Rubbing the site of injection after the shot and breastfeeding before, during and after the injection have been shown to help ease the pain and anxiety of getting vaccinated.  Remember that our children pick up on our demeanor so put your best foot forward and lead the way.

Trust Your Gut

As parents we know our child in a way no other person could.  If you feel your doctor is advising something that makes you uncomfortable, trust your intuition and speak up.  A parent’s intuition is more sophisticated than any medical devise and any good pediatrician will welcome your input.




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