Popular Baby Names From the 1950s

Parents selecting names in the 1950s preferred names with a traditional feel, many of which were rooted in the Bible, indicates the Social Security Administration’s list of most popular names from this decade. These names, which likely seem quite common to most Americans today, apparently held special appeal to World War II-era parents. When picking a name for your soon-to-arrive infant, consider turning your attention to a classic name.


The most commonly selected baby girl name of the 1950s was the Bible-inspired title, Mary, reports the Social Security Administration. This name also took the top spot in the 1940s, showing its staying power and proving its lasting popularity as a baby girl name choice.


More parents in the 1950s selected James as a name for their baby boy than any other, reports the Social Security Administration. This name, like its female chart-topping partner, managed to hold on to the number 1 spot, as it also held this place during the 1940s.


Linda proved a popular baby name selection for parents during the 1950s. This name held the number 2 spot, the same spot it held the decade before, reports the Social Security Administration.


Michael held the number 2 boy baby spot during this decade. This name means, “who is like God.” It also offers an assortment of nicknames, allowing parents to customize the title to their liking.


Patricia was the third most popular baby girl name during this decade. This name, which seems simple, is actually deeply rooted in history and comes from the word “patrician,” a term once used to identify Roman citizens.


Susan proved the fourth most popular name for baby girls in this decade. This name comes from Hebrew and means “lily,” a flower that is appropriately delicate and fragile, making it a logical choice for a tender baby girl.


The biblical name, David, was the fifth most popular baby boy name choice during the 1950s. This name is originally from Hebrew and means, “the beloved,” making it an apt choice for new parents.


Deborah was a popular 1950s name choice, holding the number 5 baby girl name spot on the Social Security Administration’s list for this decade. This name essentially holds two spots on the top 1950s’ names list, as the alternate spelling, Debra, is only two spots down in position 7, according to Social Security records from the decade.



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