Forbidden Rice – Healthier Twist on Brooke Burke’s Fried Rice Recipe


You all probably know my Fried Rice recipe by now. Well, here’s a yummy twist that your kids will love!

I use Forbidden Rice – also known as black rice. My kids loved the story of how this nutritious rice got its name. Only the Emperors of China were allowed to eat this grain because it was supposed to ensure their longevity.

Forbidden Fried Rice 


  •  4 to 6 cups Forbidden Rice (you can buy this on
  • One onion
  • Five egg whites
  • One can of corn
  • One can of black beans
  • Garlic salt


Prepare the rice, set aside. Special tip – the recipe comes out better if you prepare the rice ahead of time so it’s cold.

In a large skillet, sauté one chopped onion, set aside. Scramble five egg whites, chop well, set aside.

Add the egg whites to the skillet with the onions. Add corn, beans and  garlic salt to taste. Serve warm, enjoy!



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