Gaming 101 for “Me Time”


The following post is sponsored by DoubleDown Casino.

Somehow, online social gaming ends up being an integral part of my day.  I have a handful of kids and with all of the waiting around I do at sports events and appointments, I often grab my iPhone and poke around social gaming apps and websites.

At night especially, when I need to unwind, I can escape the chaos by enjoying an online game or two.  My go-to suite of games for indulgent fun is DoubleDown Casino.  It is a social casino app that features a variety of fun games like Blackjack, Poker and slots.  My personal favorite is the Wheel of Fortune slots game.

There are other social casino games available, but I keep coming back to DoubleDown Casino because it’s the best at offering the thrill of true casino-style games.  Games are free, super easy to play and I love that it is all about virtual currency.

Accessing all of the games is simple:  I log on through my PC or on my mobile device.  With its authentic gaming content, I can escape to my own little “Las Vegas.”  As busy as my family is, the chances of going to Vegas any time soon are slim, so in the meanwhile, I am happy to have DoubleDown Casino at my fingertips.

I used to think that online gaming was mostly a guy’s things,  but when  I did some research I found that  many women  sneak in a little “me time” by playing an online game or two.

By the way, on March 3rd, DoubleDown Casino launched a new game called Irish Shamrocks just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.   I can’t wait to play!  Are you feeling lucky?  Check it out here.

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