Give Back to Moms in Need This Mother’s Day


This Mother’s Day the moms at MomAngeles and ModernMom challenge you to take a minute and “Give Back to Moms in Need.”

Every year we are inundated with ads from product companies encouraging fathers and kids to buy moms jewelry, chocolates, flowers, clothing, dinners out and so much more. With all of the messages bombarding us from left and right it’s hard to stop and get perspective. For instance, only a few miles away from our homes, there are families struggling every day to provide the basics for their families.

They need diapers and wipes and bath products to properly care for their infants. Mothers have to wash out diapers and reuse them because the cost of diapers affects their ability to buy food for their families. They need safe sleeping environments for their babies to insure that DCFS won’t appear on their doorstep and remove their children from their homes. That’s right, the government requires families in the system to own a wooden crib for safety reasons and many families can’t afford a wooden crib. These mothers struggle to buy clothing and shoes that fit their kids properly. There are children who go to school every day with their clothes turned inside out to hide the dirt and stains from the day before because there was nothing clean for them to wear at home.

But you, me, all of us, we can do something to help. There’s an incredible organization in Los Angeles, Baby2Baby, that collects items like new diapers, gently used clothing and wooden cribs and sorts and organizes them in their warehouse. They work with 70 partner organizations in LA to distribute those items to families and moms in need. Baby2Baby partner organizations include DCFS, LAUSD, Upward Bound, Homeboy Industries and many many more.

This Mother’s Day, we ask all of you to take a minute and Give Back to Mothers in Need. We have set-up a Mother’s Day Wish List that makes it easy for you to make a difference. Just select one of the items below and put it in your shopping cart. Because of you, a mother and her family will get something they really need this Mother’s Day and you will know that you made a difference!





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