Hemp Oil for Seizures?


Her child was dying and she sought out an alternative treatment and it worked.

Charlotte has epilepsy and was having a severe seizure every 30 minutes and could barely sit up.  She was dying.  Her mother sought out the inventor of a hemp oil treatment that he developed in a nonprofit lab. The child is given small amounts of oil every few hours and she is feeling well, off hospice, and acting the way a small child should.  Her family lives in Colorado where medicinal marijuana and hemp treatment are legal. The treatment is now named Charlotte’s Web in her honor.  She is 90% better and has regained her ability to walk and talk.

Hemp, as opposed to marijuana, is not psychotropic, so the child does not feel “high”. So far, no side effects have been seen.

A medical study is underway to test the effectiveness and safety of hemp oil.  As hemp and marijuana are still illegal in most states, this treatment is difficult to come by.  But, a few children have been accepted into studies and the outcome so far seems good although FDA approval could take many years.

Lawmakers are trying to legalize the use of hemp oil for children suffering from epilepsy and seizure disorders via the  “Charlotte’s Web Medical Hemp Act of 2014″. This does not attempt to legalize the recreational use of marijuana.

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