High Efficiency Washing Machines: A Mom’s Review


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Before I purchased my high efficiency washer and dryer, I never thought much about household appliances or how buying a certain model could make doing household chores easier or less expensive. I was simply buying a new washing machine because my old one was outdated and not working well. Any time I attempted to do a large load of laundry, the washer would become off balance and make a terrible noise.

It wasn’t until I started using my new high efficiency washer and dryer that I started seeing there were real differences between appliances.

You can’t imagine the amount of laundry I do, having 5 kids. Using a high efficiency (HE) large capacity model has allowed me to do much larger loads of laundry, which saves me a great deal of time since that means less loads of laundry to do overall.


Getting Technical

The high efficiency washer has 12 different user-friendly cycles. The display panel lights up making the selection easy. After you select the cycle of your choice, you simply hit “play” and the washing begins. There is an added safety lock feature, which is nice for anyone with young kids.

With the washer’s Smart Motion Technology, you can select a “hand wash” cycle giving just the right amount of care to my delicate fabrics.

The 5 Star Energy rating means that I use much less water and energy which cuts down the cost of my utility bills as long as you are using the right detergent – nice, right?

The delicate wash and air-dry options allows me to safely clean my sofa cushions covers. This feature is a lifesaver given how often my sofa gets soiled from kids and pets.

The dryer has another amazing option, which eliminates wrinkles. This is great for anyone (like me) who dislikes ironing.

The added bonus is the convenience of being able to stack the washer and dryer, which creates a lot more space in my laundry room.

I use Tide PODS, which are formulated specifically for HE machines, and I have been very happy with them. I have tried other detergents, but I prefer Tide because it combines all of the ingredients that I need in one – detergent, stain remover, and brightener. I never have problems with soap residue so rewashing is never an issue.

I have heard people complain about the problem with finding the right detergent for the best HE washer experience.

Statistics show that 17% of people believe that the detergent you choose doesn’t make a difference. It is no wonder there are people out there that are not experiencing the same benefits that I am. HE washers use less water than traditional machines, so they need specially formulated detergents to ensure the soap completely rinses from the clothes.

My Conclusion
There is no doubt that I am saving time and money by using an HE washer and dryer. Overall, the clothes come out cleaner and softer than they did before I had the HE washer.

I’m already really happy with using Tide PODS for my HE washer and now have a better understanding that Tide designed them for HE washers, but are now indicating they are “HE Turbo” qualified—a new standard in HE detergents.

I’m excited to share the knowledge that using “HE Turbo” Tide detergents, whether in liquid or POD form, ensures you have the best soap for use in your high efficiency washer.

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