Hip Phone Cases That Do More Than Just Look Cool


Now that kids are back in school and the leaves are starting to change color, why not update your phone case?

We rounded up some hip fun phone cases that also offer great protection.


Your teens will love the bright colors of the Evo Mesh Sport and you’ll love the protection it provides. You may opt for the Evo Elite, it’s ultra-thin and lightweight but is extremely durable. Both cases can withstand drops up to 6.6 feet with TEch21’s protective FlexShock material.



This case is waterproof (will come in handy since they are predicting a very wet Winter), meets military standards for drops over 6 feet and actually looks sleek and cool! It’s one of the slimmest waterproof cases out there and has clear housing so the beauty of your phone shines through.


Spyder PowerShadow

This is the world’s thinnest and most lightweight battery case for iPhone 5/5S and 6. Not only does this case charge your phone when you are on the go, it also is shockproof for those slippery fingers. And it’s design fits tightly around your phone so liquid can’t seep into the gaps in the case. Love.




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