How to Cook London Broil in an Electric Pressure Cooker


How to Cook London Broil in an Electric Pressure Cooker
A pressure cooker is a convenient way to prepare a meal for the family. You can put your ingredients in the cooker in the morning, letting everything simmer until the meat and vegetables are tender before serving the meal to your family. The cut of meat is often thicker than a traditional steak or a pork chop. It can be compared to a roast in thickness but perhaps not quite as thick.One of the simple recipes for cooking a London broil is to put the meat, two cups of beef broth and two tablespoons of vegetable oil in the cooker. Turn the cooker onto a high heat if you want the meat to get done quickly or a lower heat if you have a few hours before serving the meal. If you turn the cooker onto a lower heat, the meat tends to be a bit more tender compared to cooking it at a faster rate. One of the ways that you can add a bit of flavor to the meat before putting it in the pressure cooker is to brown it on both sides. You don’t need to cook it all the way through.

The pressure cooker should be set at 15 psi. Cook the meat at this level for about 15 minutes. A pressure cooker will usually get meat and other items cooked faster than a crock pot, so you need to watch the items that you prepare. Sometimes, it might be best if you do let the meat sit in the cooker for longer periods of time to make it as tender as possible. If you’re adding vegetables to the cooker, you want to wait until the last few minutes as they won’t take as long to fix.

There are a few pressure cooker tips that you want to keep in mind when you’re preparing your London broil. One of the things to keep in mind is that you don’t need to add a lot of liquids to the meat once it’s in the cooker. The meat will create it’s own juices once it starts to cook, so a little broth or water is all it will need. When using a pressure cooker, you want to add just enough liquid to get to the pressure that is required on the appliance. Some don’t require as much as others, so it’s best to check the manual to see the minimum amount of liquid that is needed.

Fresh herbs are ideal for adding to your meat while it’s cooking. The flavors of the herbs will get locked into the meat, giving it more flavor than if you were to just add vegetables. Rosemary and thyme are good herbs to use along with lemon grass. The herbs can be added whole with the stems on them for the best flavors as they will release their oils into the water. You don’t need to use any thickeners with the pressure cooker as these will simply make the cooking time longer.

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