How To Look Simply Ageless


One of my biggest attributes is happiness. When others are asked about my personality they generally talk about my smiling, laughing and enjoyable demeanor. I think we can all agree that being a happy person is a great way to live life, especially when you are a busy mom. However, as I age, my face is seeing the toll of wearing a continuous smile!

Much to my dismay, I woke up the other morning and noticed smile lines (a.k.a. wrinkles). These wrinkles used to fade fairly quickly after my smile settled, but as the years go by they seem to be getting deeper and more prominent. A few different thoughts raced through my mind that first morning of the discovery.

  1. I’m just going to have to quit smiling and pray the damage fades, while living out the rest of my life wearing the “resting (I’ll call it) mean girl” face.
  2. I must start searching now for the best surgeon out there and schedule a face lift or at the very least some botox.
  3. I need to invest in a new foundation that will help cover and correct my wrinkles.

As a mom of six, I think it’s needless to say that I had to go with option #3! Once that decision was made, it was time for what I thought would be the hard part, finding the right foundation for my skin type and needs. Because all of my time is devoted to taking care of my children and managing our home, I knew I wouldn’t have a lot of time to waste on trying different foundations. So I was excited when I discovered the COVERGIRL Embrace Your Face tool.

This foundation matching tool is just what I needed to make this task super easy! It turns out that COVERGIRL was one step ahead of me, they have created an awesome, simple digital tool that not only helps find the perfect foundation for your skin type but it does the job in 30 seconds flat! COVERGIRL is speaking the busy mom’s language.  Click here to find yours in less than a minute!

After using the foundation tool finder and answering 4 quick and easy questions COVERGIRL gave me my match, COVERGIRL + Olay Simply Ageless Foundation. This foundation is exactly what I needed to help cover my wrinkles but still allow my skin to feel natural, light, airy and ageless! It goes from a cream to liquid once it makes contact with your skin, creating a flexible foundation coverage over the surface of your skin that doesn’t slip into the lines of your wrinkles. This foundation is silky to the touch and is easy to apply as it goes on smooth. With it’s lightweight feel and spf of 22, I am comfortable wearing it out to the baseball fields while I am watching my little ones play ball in the scorching heat of the sun! According to COVERGIRL this unique formula is clinically shown to provide significant improvement in skin condition in just four weeks.

If I haven’t convinced you of the need to try COVERGIRL + Olay Simply Ageless Foundation, watch this behind-the-scenes look at the COVERGIRL labs with Dr. Sarah Vickery, COVERGIRL principal scientist, explaining how COVERGIRL + Olay Simply Ageless Foundation works.

Watch it now!

The following post was sponsored by COVERGIRL.



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