How To Tame The Back-To-School Chaos


This article is in partnership with HelloFresh.

It’s that time of year we both love and hate. Adding some routine back into our lives is a good thing, but the hazy, lazy days of summer are super tough to give up.

Let’s face it, none of us have enough time in the day so in order to survive the back to school season, it’s pivotal to have a plan. Here are a few strategies that can help streamline a busy household.

Set Up Routines

***Morning: Tired of the stress of the mornings and feeling like a broken record asking every day “Did you put your lunch in your backpack?”, “Did you brush your teeth?” Do yourself a favor and make a chart of everything your kids need to do in the morning. They can check off the items to make sure they didn’t miss anything (or leave homework on the counter).

This helps with their independence and will help you stay sane.

***Afterschool: Again, it’s all about routines. Maybe it’s 30 minutes of snack and relaxation before homework. Even set a timer to take you out of the equation. Then homework so they can get it out of the way and won’t have to do it in the evening when they are tired and cranky. While they are doing homework, you can go through their backpacks for their lunch and any stray paperwork you might have to deal with. Come up with the amount of time they can play video games and/or watch TV, practice music, read, etc. The more the kids are aware of what is expected of them, the less time you’ll spent arguing and negotiating.

Make A Homework Box

How often do your kids start their homework and then realize they need colored pencils, or glue, or scissors? The list goes on. It’s hard enough to get the kids to sit down and focus on their work, you don’t want them having an excuse to get up and go search for the perfect crayon. Make a homework box that has every supply you can think they might possibly need. This way everything is in one place so they have the tools they need at their fingertips. Also helps with clutter by ensuring a spot where everything goes and can be put away near where they do their homework.

Get A Little Help With Dinner

Dinner comes every night whether we like it or not. With our busy schedules, shopping, planning and cooking takes more time then we always have. Unfortunately that leads to more unhealthy choices than some of us care to admit. But not anymore.

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Streamline Lunch Packing

Making lunches the night before will save time and energy in the morning. You can make the sandwiches in the morning or you can freeze sandwiches on Sunday and defrost the night before and then pop them in their lunch. Dinner leftovers can be quickly warmed up and popped into a thermos. Fill water bottles the night before and put in the fridge. This is a big time saver.

With the right support, routine, tools and environment – you can say you’ve done your part in setting your kids up for success while also saving yourself from back-to-school insanity.