Ideas To Change Up Your Easter Basket This Year


Thank you Frito-Lay for sponsoring this post. This spring, try the new twist on seasonal snacking!

Easter baskets are a childhood favorite and a tradition in our household. But have you ever filled your child’s Easter Basket and dreaded the idea of all the candy wrappers and half eaten chocolate candies strewn across the living room on Easter morning? You know what I’m talking about! I think it’s also a safe bet to say that you’ve probably bought candy your child doesn’t even really like simply because it’s “tradition”. I know I have! But, you can breathe a sigh of relief because this year, I am releasing you of the obligation to buy the big chocolate bunny and the candy filled eggs. I am giving you a chance to take back your moral compass and say ‘no’ to eating all the candy animals, let them stay intact and melt in peace. It’s time to put an alternative sweet snack in your child’s basket this year and luckily, the Cheetos brand, the masters of cheese, have brought back Sweetos cinnamon sugar snacks just in time. This fun snack is giving a new meaning to the traditional egg shaped snack!

And while we’re mixing things up, instead of the same boring Easter basket try something new and fun.

-Buy a new backpack and fill it with coloring books, sketch pads, pencils and crayons.

-Or, give a tackle box with a fishing pole and new lures.

-For the baseball lover in the family you could buy a new batting helmet and add baseballs, sweatbands, a new baseball cap and even tickets to a game for your local baseball franchise.

-A new baby doll carriage with dolls, clothes and accessories might do the trick.

-For your little green thumb, how about a bucket with flower seeds, garden tools, gloves, and a garden gnome.

-For parents with multiple children like myself may find the new plastic pool a good idea. Kids of all ages enjoy plastic little pools filled with new swimsuits, sunglasses, sunscreen, water toys, beach towels and more.

Let your imagination go wild with gifts to bring in Spring and celebrate Easter. It doesn’t always have to be just candy. Like I said before, save the candy animals, try Cheetos Sweetos snacks. They are a great alternative to the chocolate bunny or marshmallow chick. But, be careful because they are super addictive! Cinnamon, sugar puffed crunchy goodness is just what you need to complete your child’s Easter “Basket”.

This year give the treat that was the Cheetos brand’s most asked about snack last year, Sweetos snacks, along with an unconventional Easter Basket! Your little ones will be thrilled, and maybe even some of your big ones!

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