It’s Almost Summer – What To Bring To The Pool


This post is in partnership with Band-Aid and Compeed.

Summer is upon us and so is opening day of the swimming pool! Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for all of those who served our great country. It also marks the beginning of summer for kids across the country and the season of fun outdoor parties! Swimming is a family favorite and with a large family like mine, I must always come prepared. The last thing a mom wants after getting all of her kids sun screened up is to get to the pool and realize you forgot something! In the summer months there are some things you just don’t leave the house without, like sunscreen for instance. I asked moms in my circle to share with me their summer swimming tips and together we came up with our key essentials for summer swimming.

Have an old sheet or blanket folded up in your car. This will be your best friend when the wet kids come piling into your car.

Have one bag packed with all your pool toys, and a second with your towels, sunscreen, wipes, dry clothes, and a good book (a mom can dream, right?). Now you can just grab and go without stressing about forgetting something.

Bring sunglasses for yourself and goggles for the kids. Public pools tend to have a lot of chlorine and nobody wants red stingy eyes.

Don’t forget snacks and water. It’s a universal fact that swimming makes kids HUNGRY. Save yourself some cash by bringing your own waters and healthy snacks.

And, for the essential item that I believe to be most important to have anywhere you go: A fully stocked first aid kit. You can assemble your own, but I love the limited edition First Aid Kit by Oh Joy! that you get free when you purchase three or more qualifying products at Target or! This kit is very functional, compact and comes equipped with multiple pockets and a meshed zipper compartment to hold all my family’s essentials.

1: Wet kids and concrete can unfortunately lead to scrapes and scratches so I always include the fun, bright and colorful Band-Aid by Oh Joy in my kit! And of course, I have one product I’m never without during swim season, and that is Band-Aid Water Block Plus. These bandages are designed to be 100% waterproof so are perfect for a day at the pool! I don’t have to worry because they protect and cover minor wounds so no boo boo stops us from having a fun summer day. So many products fall off the moment the kids get in the water and I worry as a mom about the dirt that is floating around in the pool. That is why I love Water Block Plus–It shields the wound from water, dirt and germs and stays on even when wet! And, of course, for my younger fish, the adorable new Band-Aid featuring Finding Dory characters are a must. (By the way, Finding Dory premieres on June 17th and my 6 kids are beyond excited)! Cuts and scrapes seem to be a little easier to handle when they have Dory on their side.


2. Compeed Blister Cushions: I love them! This blister treatment was made for fashionable and active woman on the go, in other words, moms! I get blisters all the time in summer – either from keeping fit and taking my morning run or, from wearing sandals in the summer heat around the pool. Compeed Blister Cushions are my only solution because they use hydrocolloid technology and fit like a second skin to stay on all day long without bunching up! This technology allows natural moisture in and keeps germs out! This is crucial since who knows what germs lurk in a public pool. These are a must-have to keep up with all the summer activities! Don’t let blisters slow you down ladies – head to Walgreens where these are sold exclusively.

3. Instant Ice Pack. Hopefully you won’t need this but if your child gets a bump, having an ice pack on hand will be a huge plus.

4. Tweezers. Always important to have in case of splinters.

5. Anti-itch cream. Sometimes mosquitos or other little critters can be hanging around the pool. Nothing says relief like a little anti-itch cream after an insect bite or sting.

With these essentials in mind, have fun in the sun and make lifelong memories! Keep your eyes on your children at all times; it only takes one second for accidents to happen.




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