Keeping up with Autism

What is the latest news about autism?

I like to keep up with autism news. This means I like to read articles about autism-related studies, I forward information and like it when my sources keep me in the loop.

Besides reading everything that I can get my hands on, I still attend conferences once or twice a year in order to keep up with latest autism information.

I feel autism is heavily studied because many victims of autism are children, our next generation. And, there’s a huge spike in autism the last few years, it feels like there’s an urgency.

What have I looked at recently?

One article I recently read discussed the possibility that the autistic brain develops within the womb.

I think this study is very significant and brings up many questions. Of course, the findings are not yet finalized as this study is still in the early stages.

What could this study mean?

Well, I suppose it could debunk the whole theory that autism develops inside the brain of a newborn. How can autism develop in a newborn if it was already present in the womb?

It could also debunk an environmental or vaccination connection. How can the environment or vaccinations be a factor if autism was present that early?

Could this study mean that the motherʼs body is a major factor? (Where she lives, what she eats, etc.)

Is there still a genetic link?

I feel there is.

This is one study I will continue to track.

Are there other studies I’ve looked at recently?

Another article I read discussed a possible link to autism that they thought might be related to a DNA strand. This study was looking into this connection and getting some results that leaned toward autism being connected to our DNA.

I will also continue to follow this study.

Are there opposing views?

Of course.

Yet another recent article discussed a very large autism-related organization and claimed that this organization focuses way too many resources on a cure (as opposed to services and advocacy).

The writer of this article claimed that this organization is so huge and should not be focusing most of their efforts on finding a cure.

After reading this article, I traced its source to a website. I decided to get my hands dirty because I have had experience with this organization.

In my retort, I reported that I believed that this organization stressed a very balanced approach; research, services, and awareness. I felt they were not “all about a cure.”

As a matter of fact, I try to keep involved with all of it in a balanced way.

My son is my top priority. But, I volunteer, blog, and keep up news and information as much as possible.

I want to stay connected and as much “in the know” as possible. Usually, Iʼll talk to anyone about autism. I love to pay it forward.

The autism community is an open community. We discuss, debate, complain, get involved, and stomp our feet when necessary. And, Iʼm proud of it all.

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