LINDOR For Mother’s Day


The following is a sponsored post by LINDT.

The month of May has always been an exciting month for me, as many good things usually come in May. As a kid and now that I have kids, school ends for summer break in May and we get to celebrate all the moms in our lives for Mother’s Day. Days become longer and warmer and it just so happens that May is also the month I was born! But, now, I have an even better reason to love May!! I just found out that Lindt, the makers of the irresistibly smooth melting LINDOR Milk Chocolate truffle, is declaring May 9th LINDOR Chocolate Day to celebrate the iconic and luscious LINDOR truffle.

If there’s one thing I love and love more of (besides kids obviously:) ) it’s chocolate! Oh the things I do to get my chocolate fix! Like, hide in the closet so I don’t have to share. Or stay up way past my bedtime so I can truly enjoy the delicacy and melt into a moment of pure satisfaction. If you think I’m the only one who relishes in the moments I have with my chocolate, then read this survey and find out just how much people enjoy chocolate.


In fact, I just found out Lindt is holding a week long celebration of this awesome day! Seriously, a week long celebration?!

Of course, in my personal opinion LINDOR Chocolate Day couldn’t have come at a better time, right before Mother’s Day! Every year my husband and my kids ask me, “Mom, what do you want for Mother’s Day?” And, every year my response is the same, “You all are gift enough, but if you insist, here is my list…I want a clean house, no back talking for the whole day, a bag of LINDOR milk chocolate truffles, a relaxing back massage, oh and a bottle of bubbly wouldn’t hurt.” Well guess what? My family is in luck, my list just got a little less expensive because Lindt is giving away one million coupons online for any 5.1 oz. bag of LINDOR truffles now through May 9th. You can find the coupon at

Lindt is also hosting events in three cities on Saturday, May 9 – New York (Times Square), Minneapolis (Mall of America) and San Francisco (Marina Green Triangle) – where you can experience you own LINDOR melt away moment at via virtual reality while you enjoy a truffle! What more could a Mom want for Mother’s Day?



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