Melissa Joan Hart Speaks Out About Haters


There’s been a lot of talk about moms judging moms and parents under scrutiny for how they raise their children, and that’s no different for celebrities. They are constantly looked at through the public eye and their parenting choices are publicly discussed. Well, actress Melissa Joan Hart is saying no more!

The Melissa and Joey star decided to speak out following the controversy over her social media post. Hart uploaded a picture on her Instagram account of her two-year-old son sucking on a pacifier. Some followers quickly criticized her for it. While this was posted two weeks ago, Hart is addressing the issue now.

“Everybody thinks they can tell you what to do,” the mom of three told HuffPost Live. “If they have the guts to say it to my face, I probably have the guts to punch ‘em.”

It certainly is easier to be negative and criticize when you’re hiding behind a computer screen.

While Hart has made her point public, she isn’t going to stop sharing on Instagram or hiding her kids away from the public.

“I’ve learned that I just have to be me. It’s my page — if you don’t like it, go away!” says Hart “Make your comments if you want, but I’m not going to look at them, or care.”



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