Mommy’s Christmas List


Dear Santa,

I’d like a body that is self-toning because I don’t always have the energy to exercise after 80 hours a week of being a chauffeur, a maid, a counselor, a referee, a coach, a nurse, a gardener, cook, a teacher and a chef.

I’d like a day when I can walk around my house and not cut my foot open on a Lego.

I’d like a bathroom floor that stays free of any signs of pee that my four boys leave EVERY time they use the toilet.

I’d like the gift of eating my dinner somewhere above room temperature.

I’d like a dishwasher that self-empties.

I’d like an appliance that washes, dries AND folds.

I’d like a shower without someone screaming my name.

I’d like a new battery – mine died a long time ago.

I’d like to have the time to wash my face, brush my teeth and comb my hair – all in the same day.

I’d like to have one meal where one of my kids doesn’t say “this is gross.”

I’d like a car where the windows don’t say “wash me” , where the floors stay free of dirt from muddy cleats, and that has a DVD player that shows something beside ELF!

I’d like a floor that doesn’t just look clean.

I’d like a day when my children help out around the house without demanding money like a bunch of crime bosses.

I’d like an audio tape of a nice little boy saying “yes, mom I DID do it.”

Thank you Santa, I hope I am not asking for too much this year. I will leave you milk and cookies like I do every year. I will even clean out that dirt in the fireplace before you get here. Oh, and Santa, when you come, be careful not to step on a Lego!



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