My Boss is a Tyrant

bossy  mad girl

My boss is exceptionally demanding. There is no wavering on any decision, no matter how logically I argue my point. When my boss wants something she wants it. In addition to the countless projects that have been implemented, the research and reading that have been conducted and the numerous “meetings” I have been in this past week, I have also been on call, responding to her every need. This includes meal delivery, running her errands and several trips to the doctor. It’s been an incredibly difficult and exhausting week.

My “boss” is a 6-year-old. That’s right. A 6 year old who has been home sick for a week with a “fever virus” that has no symptoms except a fever. The virus also seems to have a crazy side affect of amping up the carrier so that she wakes at 2am every night full of energy, wanting to play. Every night…for 4 nights. Followed by days of high energy and wanting to do crafts, and play board games and bake cupcakes until she finally crashes for AN HOUR midday only to wake again with a fever, no desire to eat and AGAIN too much energy.

Day in and day out I met her demands because when your child is sick, and the fever chills hit, and they won’t eat no matter which of their favorite foods you put in front of them, you do whatever you can to make them comfortable. That often means meeting their demands and allowing them to get away with “being the boss.”

I learned a few things from my daughter this week. Its ok to play board games by her rules when she is sick. She already feels so lousy that trying to direct her to follow the rules only results in tears, needless tears when she has already been crying because her head hurts. It’s also ok to let her eat the cupcake before she eats the tuna salad, because her taste buds are all messed-up and darn it, she’s sick. We also implemented a moratorium on hair washing or brushing. By day 6 she was already developing some dread-like tendrils on the back of her head, but hair brushing seemed like needless discomfort for a little one who was already so uncomfortable. What else did I learn? It was ok for me ignore emails and phone calls for my real boss…me…until after her bed time and focus 100% on snuggling, nurturing and just being there for a few days. My business didn’t suffer and I spent some quality time with my daughter who really needed me this past week.

As much as I hated that annoying random “fever virus” and the misery it put my daughter through, I was forced to take a pause and gain some insight. Sometimes we have got to shut down to turn on and tune into our kids. Despite not feeling her best we managed to have some memorable moments and laugh a little. That 6-year-old boss of mine was at times quite demanding but despite it all I loved working for her, after all it was only short term. Today she’s back at school and I’m back to being the boss.



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