My Son, The Superhero


My son absolutely adores superheroes so it’s no surprise he chose to make superhero Valentines for his classmates.  There isn’t a Power Ranger, Superman or Captain America movie that he hasn’t seen at least 20 times.  Anything you want to know about Superheroes, he can tell you because he knows everything there is to know about each one of them!
Superheroes, as we know, fight bad guys and rescue people, and while my son doesn’t do those things, he is still the greatest fighter I know.
Since birth, he has been dealing with many life challenges both physically and medically.  He spent 18 months on a ventilator, survived a handful of near death experiences, underwent a kidney transplant, and now faces blindness.

My son is a child who has been hospitalized over a hundred times and yet he navigates adversity with more courage and with a better attitude than anyone I know.

He may not wear a red cape or leap over tall buildings in a single bound, but  he is definitely one real life super hero!



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