National Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day


Eat ice cream for breakfast day? Sounds super fun – but actually its origin stems from honoring a child who lost her life to cancer.

Malia’s family created this day to honor their daughter and all the other kids who have lost their lives to cancer. The day also supports those fighting cancer and celebrates the cancer survivors.

Malia Grace passed away at the age of 9 after a long battle with cancer in 2010. Malia ate ice cream for breakfast on her birthday so her family and friends decided to start “Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day” in 2013 in her honor. They posted pics and videos of themselves eating ice cream for breakfast on Facebook and other social media channels. So many people joined in over the past two years that Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day became an official day last year to honor children fighting cancer.

So if you haven’t had breakfast, have some ice cream and think about all of these tough children and their families battling every day. #EatIceCreamForBreakfast



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