Style Survival Guide For New Moms


It’s tough trying to look fashionable when you’re a mom with a new baby. I mean come on, who has time to shop? Not to mention your body is still pretty wack-a- doodle after just giving birth!

I know when my daughter was a baby I got so sick of seeing pictures of me in the same baggy clothes and wished I had some cuter things to choose from.

Well, I’ve put together some tips to help you look a little more fashionable yet still comfortable during this early stage of motherhood.

1) Kimono or Blousy Shirts – there are so many cute tops on the market right now that don’t need to be tucked in, yet look super stylish. Not tucking in = hiding post baby bump! Stock up.! You’ll be happy you did, and the good news is you can keep wearing them even after your tummy’s gone down.

2) Blazer – I love blazers. They are such a great way to dress up an outfit and look chic. And, if you’re baby spits up on your shirt, just throw that blazer on over it! No one will know the difference.

3) Boyfriend Jeans – Boyfriend jeans will be your best friends. Loose, comfy and look great with almost anything. Wear them with boots in the winter and sandals in the spring – they’re a win win!

4) Shoes with low or no heel – You’re overwhelmed, you’re sleep deprived, and you may even have a toddler you’re chasing around besides taking care of your new baby. So for cry eye, give yourself a break and stock up on some cute flatter shoes.

No need to make things even more difmodernmom-collageficult!

5) Sunglasses – well, I think it’s obvious why it’s good to always have a pair handy. No, not for the glare. For the days you are so sleep deprived that your eyes look like you’ve been in a street fight – puffy with dark circles.

6) Instant Dry Nail Polish – I highly recommend you sneak away for a mani/pedi for a little you time. But when that’s just not possible, you could do a quick nail fix up while the baby’s sleeping. With the instant dry polish, your nails will be dry in no time so you’ll be back in action as soon as the baby wakes!

7) A Cute Accessory – a necklace, bracelet, cool ring – something that feels special but that isn’t cumbersome to wear. Treat yourself to a lovely necklace with your little one’s name or initial on it..

8) A Chic Diaper Bag – okay so the diaper bag has become your main accessory right now so you might as well pick a stylish one. Make sure it has organizational pockets for all your necessities for baby!




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