POWERHANDZ are products made for men and women who want to train hard for baseball, basketball, golf, soccer and football.

They are weighted performance-enhancing gloves that increase an athlete’s strength, speed, power and dexterity during training. We tried the pure grip gloves to improve strength in the hand and arm muscles for increased power and speed for baseball. The nylon fabric stretches and is flexible during movement.

We also love that POWERHANDZ began The Power to Give Foundation which aims to raise awareness on the importance of organized sporting programs and help fund these programs in financially challenged communities. A portion of every sale goes to the Power to Give Foundation, giving anyone the opportunity to make a difference.

POWERHANDZ also has recently started the “Our Time” movement which serves as a platform for highlighting phenomenal women and their accomplishments. Hope Solo, World Cup Champion and two-time Olympic Gold Medalist, was the first women chosen to start the campaign. The goal is to inspire female athletes to get passionate about training!




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