Products To Help Busy Moms


Back to school is even more hectic than usual (and we weren’t sure that was possible!). So we’ve gathered some products that will help you save time.

Stashers – These are seriously amazing. They are made with pure platinum silicon with a press n seal closure. You can store leftovers in them in the fridge (or freezer), put snacks in them, etc.  But the coolest part is you can steam food in them! There are no harmful chemicals to leach into your food. You can even put your phone in one when you go to the beach! Love.

4th & Heart Ghee – If you haven’t heard of ghee then you are missing it. It is a delicious superfood that is similar to butter but is better for your health. It’s dairy, casein and lactose free and full of vitamins and omega fatty acids. Use it on toast, in oatmeal, on pancakes. It’s a quick and tasty way to get your kids fueled for the day ahead.

ARC Devices InstaTemp thermometer – A new school year unfortunately means lots of new germs. This digital, non-touch thermometer is easy to use and completely non-invasive. Just point the device an inch away from your child’s forehead, above his or her eyebrows and click the button for an instant reading.

Klean Kanteen – So for those of us with sporty kids, you know that moment when you are already running late and you forgot to fill the water bottles? Well, with Klean Kanteen’s insulated 64 ounce bottle, you can fill it up the night before and it will stay cold the next day. And because it’s HUGE, you only have to fill up one bottle!

Mother Trucker Hat – So if you don’t have time to do your hair (who does?) but you still want to look stylish then these hats are your answer. These trendsetting hats are stylish and with glitzy designs celebrating ‘mom life’ with sayings for sporty moms, country girls,  locals and so much more.

Orgain Organic Protein Powder  – We are so focused on the kids, we often don’t take the time to worry about our own health and nutrition. This protein powder can change all that. It’s smooth and delicious and has 21 g of plant-based protein with no added sugar. Add it to a fruit smoothie or almond milk and you have a complete protein with no soy, gluten or GMO.

Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus – I don’t know about you but I certainly don’t have time to iron so I was thrilled to discover this product that will help your kids (and you) look put together for school. You just spray your clothes, let them dry for a few minutes and soon they will be smooth and look crisp.

Name Bubbles – These personalized name labels will help your kids grab the right water bottle to put in their bag and will also save time by decreasing visits to the Lost and Found… We love the ones they have for sports where you can put your kids’ last name and jersey number.

Community Coffee Company Iced K-Cups – So the mornings are hectic and we typically don’t get time to drink hot coffee so why even try? This Mocha Vanilla Iced Coffee is delicious and it’s not supposed to be hot so no disappointment there! Just add ice (and maybe a little milk and sweetener) and you are ready to go.

Lee Kum Kee – Evenings are hectic with homework, music lessons, and practices, so save yourself some time by using these Panda Brand Ready Sauces. You just need to add the sauce packets to your family’s favorite protein and veggies and in just minutes, wallah! Dinner.