Rachio Sprinkler


Would you believe there is an automatic sprinkler controller that communicates with your cell phone and is easy to install? Yep, Rachio does that and also can cut your watering volume useage in half! Have you ever watched your sprinklers watering your lawn in the rain? This will never happen again because Rachio checks the forecast and alters your sprinklers according to the forecast. So smart.

Rachio is relatively easy to install – all you need is a screw driver and your cell phone. Just take a picture of how your current automatic sprinkler wires are connected. Then, once the device is mounted, you connect the wires the same way, plug the device in a wall outlet and it will work. Download the Rachio app, install, follow the directions and you are ready to go. You can invite others to have access by just sending them an invitation.

The fun starts with the Rachio app. You tell it the size of your areas to water, what plants are there, what the ground is like and if there is a slope. You can choose how and when Rachio should water, or if you want the maximum water savings, just let Rachio manage your watering on fully automatic.

What I like is I get a message on my phone everytime it starts watering my yard and when it’s done.

Finally, the best is that most water districts have rebates that will offset 50% to 100% of the cost of the Rachio. Links to the rebates can be found here.