River Rose and the Magical Lullaby by Kelly Clarkson


Grammy Award-winner Kelly Clarkson is adding another occupation to her resume – children’s book author! Inspired by her little girl, River Rose, Clarkson released her first book today, titled: River Rose and the Magical Lullaby.

The story is adorable and the illustrations are whimsical and colorful. It starts out with River Rose’s excitement for her upcoming, first-ever trip to the zoo. She’s so excited that she can’t fall asleep until her mom sings her a magical lullaby that not only puts her to sleep, but sends the little girl on a dream adventure! In addition to a fun and magical story, the book also comes with a link to an original lullaby from none other than Kelly Clarkson. Learn more here and on Facebook.

This story will definitely be a new favorite. Clarkson also has an adorable River Rose doll that is based on the character in the book and features the lullaby sung by Clarkson.

We love the message -“every great adventure starts with a big dream.” LOVE.