SMILING IT FORWARD™ through Teething


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My daughter is the joy of my life and anyone that is around us will be able to tell you that as well.  We have loved seeing her grow and develop her own sweet, outgoing personality that is unique in itself.  While we didn’t take parenting classes, we did read a lot about parenting before she was born; however, I must have missed that part about how much teething was going to bite, literally. Our precious, sweet, happy baby started teething at just around 10 weeks old. I didn’t even know teething could start that early and the worst part was the teeth didn’t cut through until she was 6 months old! Since then, she has cut all but 2 of her baby teeth and each tooth has had it’s own personal struggle.

Even though it’s not all fun and sunshine, luckily, we have figured out what makes her continue to smile through the teething. Typically frozen foods, like berries and organic popsicles really helps calm the pain she’s feeling and keep her happy and having fun, as well as, simply keeping her distracted and entertained daily.

The pain our daughter goes through isn’t fun, but, for us, we get to smile watching each tooth come through. It was absolutely adorable to see these little teeth show up around a still gummy mouth.  As she gets older, each tooth milestone has continued to make us smile as we watch her grow into a beautiful little person.

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