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Greetings #ModernMom readers! What’s more modern than a woman who knows her sports? It’s fun to be able to contribute to the sports conversation. Whether it’s at the dinner table, the boardroom, or an on-line chat. Here are some news and highlights to help keep you in the know this weekend.

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  • Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’ve heard about Ronda Rousey and her stunning loss to Holly Holm last Saturday in Australia. Some say it was the biggest upset in sports history (not sure I’d go THAT far). I watched the fight. It was both violent, and scarily entertaining. But what has been so fascinating to me, is the post-fight fallout. Reactions have been swift and not very kind to Rousey. Fans and some celebrities took to social media to express their joy at the now former champion losing her title. It was expected from fellow fighters, but the fan attack has been surprising. Maybe they got tired of the bullying and aggressive behavior from Rousey. Or perhaps her constant talk of invincibleness. Personally, I think when you’re in everyone’s face proclaiming to be the best, and then you get your ass kicked, a little ribbing is probably in order. Am I excited for the rematch? #youbetcha. Will Rousey ever fight again? #bigquestion. Would a male fighter be subjected to such disdain for his aggression and showmanship? #doubtit
  • Here is a big story because Fantasy Sports is a big business. I don’t engage in it. Seems like gambling to me, and I’m a fraidy cat when it comes to the possibility of losing money! Last week, the New York Attorney General sent letters to Fan Duel and DraftKings, the two biggest Fantasy sports sites, demanding they stop their games in the state. New York says daily fantasy sports sites are illegal and constitute gambling (#whatisaid). The hitch in the legislation comes with the word “skill”. Fan Duel and DraftKings say their games require skill to play, and therefore are exempt. This is a hugely lucrative business, and New Yorkers account for 12.8% of players. Oh, and it looks like they’ve found another loophole – #proxyservers.
  • Is the future of high school football in jeopardy? Eight high school football players have died since this season began, five from head or neck injuries. Three more died during preseason practice from heat-related causes tied to exertion. And concussion concerns continue at the high school level through to the NFL. Roger Blake, executive director of California Interscholastic Federation, has said he believes football is at a critical juncture and action must be taken to make the game safer. All I can say is, I’m glad my kids don’t play football. #sorrynotsorry
  • #SportBitsFollowUp – After Russia got caught red handed in a state sponsored anti-doping scandal, they were suspended from all events until they can prove they’re following anti doping rules and regulations. The question is whether the lab, the anti-doping agency and the track team, can all fall into compliance in less than nine months, before the start of next year’s Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro. Something tells me they will have no problem accomplishing this. Do we care if they are following the rules because they have to, and not because they think it’s the right thing to do? Nah. I don’t care.

#SportBitsTV – Weekend Games

Heading into week 12 of the college football season, it seems like the 4 coveted playoff spots are still up for grabs. One loss, and your team could be out of contention. It makes for some exciting (and stressful!) games. Here’s what coming up:

  • Michigan v. Ohio State: Some feel #2 Ohio State has the easiest schedule of the top ranked teams, but ending their season with Michigan and then Michigan State will prove quite a test for the Buckeyes. Saturday 3pm ABC
  • Baylor v. Oklahoma State – The Big12 conference has a few contenders in the running for a top spot. Baylor has been a candidate all season, but with a loss last week to University of Oklahoma, combined with a loss this weekend, their National Title hopes would be O V E R. Saturday 7:30pm Fox
  • Cal v. Stanford – Stanford lost to Oregon last week, but they still have a (very) slim chance to make the playoffs. Falling to Cal on Saturday and that discussion is mute. Saturday 7:30pm ESPN
  • TCU V Oklahoma – This feels like an elimination game because whatever teams loses, they are out of the playoffs. THAT make THIS a good game to watch. Saturday 5pm ABC

Week 11 in the NFL – 4 games to watch

  • Everyone is keeping track of the unbeatens. This week 9-0 Carolina Panthers play at home against the Washington Redskins (4-5). The Redskins are coming off a big win over the Saints last week, and could worm itself into the wildcard race with the upset here. I doubt it’ll happen though. Sunday 10am FOX
  • The other unbeaten, the 9-0 Patriots, are coming of the LAST SECOND win over the NY Giants last week. This week they play on MNF against the Buffalo Bills, and shouldn’t have a hard time keeping their undefeated record in tact. Monday 5:30pm ESPN
  • On Sunday afternoon the 7-2 Minnesota Vikings play at home v. 6-3 Green Bay Packers. The Packers have lost 3 in a row so this is a must win for them. QB Aaron Rodgers needs to get his team back on track to take over the top spot in the division. Some fans, and even an ESPN reporter, are blaming his sluggish play on actress Olivia Munn and the ole #girlfriendjinx. Because , you know, that makes a whole lot of sense. Sunday 1:25pm FOX
  • Sunday Night Football has the Arizona Cardinals hosting the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals are coming off their first loss of the season last week, while the Cardinals look to keep their momentum going after their big win over Seattle. Sunday 5:30pm NBC

NBA weekend schedule: 

  • Friday: San Antonio Spurs @ New Orleans Pelicans – 8pm / ESPN
    Chicago Bulls @ Golden State Warriors – 10:30pm / ESPN
  • Saturday: Washington Wizards @ Detroit Pistons – 4:30pm / NBATV

College Hoops – it’s early in the season and conference play is a ways away. Most match ups are pretty weak at this point. But here are a few to watch if you’re so inclined:

  • Friday: Wisconsin @ Georgetown – 2pm / ESPN2
    #5Duke @ VCU – 4:30pm / ESPN2
  • Saturday: N. Florida @ Louisville – 9am / ESPN3 **after the recent sex scandal allegations in the bball program at Louisville, it will be interesting to see how the players respond, or if the announcers even talk about it!
    #1 North Carolina @ N. Iowa – 11am / ESPN Time
    Mount St. Mary’s @ #10Gonzaga – 6pm / ESPN 3 **the mid-majors are expected to have a strong showing in the top 25 this year – and Gonzaga is at the top of that list.
    Elon @ Syracuse – 4pm / ESPN3 Syracuse was hit with a mound of sanctions last spring, but still have a young and talented team. ‘Cuse will be an interesting team to follow this season.

That’s it for the #SportBits weekly wrap up. Thanks for stopping by. Follow me on social media for all the sports scores and scandals, news and highlights. Don’t forget about the three football games on Thanksgiving Thursday. Have a safe and FUN holiday with your family and friends, and don’t be afraid to whip out one of these #SportBits stories while you’re all sitting around the table. #thankful4sports



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