Spring Cleaning Tips + Walmart Gift Card Giveaway


The following post was sponsored by P&G Tide.

It’s that time of year to begin your spring-cleaning, and, if your house is anything like mine, there is a ton of dirt that has accumulated from the winter. While I may not have inherited my mother’s passion for cleaning, I do love the result, when everything in my house is fresh and sparkling clean.

Of course the idea of tackling a huge cleaning project can feel overwhelming, but if you follow a few simple tips that I learned over the years, the process will become much easier.

Organize One Room at a Time

As someone who has difficulty focusing, I have found it extremely helpful and sanity saving to attack one area at a time. Concentrate on the places that get the most use like the master closet. In most houses this is likely to be a major dumping ground for stuff as well as a great hiding place for a year’s worth of dust and dirt.

The first step in the spring cleaning process is to purge. It’s almost too impossible to get things clean when there is clutter everywhere and if you are anything like me, the master closet is probably so cluttered it’s bursting at the seams.

Pull out all of the items from your closet and separate them into 3 separate piles: items to throw away, items to donate and items to keep. It may not always be easy to part with your belongings, but creating space is imperative. To make the process easier, think about items that have been in your closet for years that you have probably forgotten about. Get rid of anything that no longer fits, that is outdated, or you have not worn for at least 6 months.

Divide your closet into sections so that there is a specific place for in-season clothes, a space for off-season clothes and a space for linens and bedding.

Place off-season clothes like sweaters, winter jackets, hats, mittens and heavy linens in sealed storage bags so that your items will be protected all season long.

Because there is no point in storing dirty clothes, launder everything first to make certain the items are completely clean and stain free. Of course, to do this, you will want to use an effective laundry detergent.

Because I have always been a Tide user, I decided to use Tide HE Turbo Clean, and Eureka! It’s even better than what I expected. Tide Turbo HE Clean, saves me both time and money thanks to the “quick cycle” on my high efficiency washing machine.


What many people don’t realize is that HE washers require a specific detergent designed for high efficiency use. Tide HE Turbo Clean is the first-of its-kind and is the #1 detergent recommended by leading manufacturers of HE washers. Unlike other detergents, Tide HE Turbo Clean has Smart Suds technology, meaning it won’t “carry over suds,” causing your machine to go into a second rinse cycle resulting in more time, energy and water.

I have found that Tide HE Turbo Clean shaves 25 minutes off my wash routine and I use 30-40% less water, thereby saving me time and money.

From now on, whether I am doing my usual weekly routine cleaning or a full-fledged spring cleaning, you can bet I will be using Tide HE Turbo Clean.

Want to make your spring-cleaning easier and more effective? Look for the new HE Turbo Clean seal in your grocer’s aisle. The New Tide HE Turbo Clean is available in liquid, single pacs or Tide Pods and powder formula – all of them are equally fantastic!

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