Strangers from Craigslist Save Couple’s Wedding Day


With so much sorrow and violence going on in the world, we like to showcase stories of everyday heroes.

We love how this couple helped strangers in need.

Raul Martinez, 26, was laid off from his job less than two weeks before his wedding. Raul and his fiance Savannah paid their bills and didn’t have enough money left for the groom’s shoes and Savannah’s hair and nails. They decided to sell their bedroom furniture set on Craigslist to get the cash they needed.

Raul kept lowering the price on the furniture because noone was buying it. Judy Wehrman, 39, saw his listing and according to ABC News showed it to her husband and said “I think this guy needs some help. He keeps dropping the price. He’s desperate.”

So, do you  know what she did? She texted Raul and said she didn’t need the furniture but was curious why he needed the money. When she found out it was for their wedding she said she’d give them a gift if they came to her house.

After a bit of hesitation the couple went to the stranger’s house. When they arrived, Wehrman gave them $200 as a gift. Wehrman told ABC News, ” Our goal was just to help out. There’s a lot of people that’s blessed that can help others.”

What an amazingly kind thing to do. Good people like Wehrman are what is right in the world…

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