Tasty Snacks Without The Guilt


Snacking is a pivotal time of day – it can provide you with energy or can result in tons of empty calories. Here are some delicious snacks that won’t leave you feeling too guilty (unless you eat the whole bag…)


iPS is a delicious crunchy chip made with corn, egg whites, and other all natural ingredients. They have 6 grams of protein per serving and come in all different flavors, like Cinnamon and Aged White Cheddar. I recommend the Barbecue – you may also want to hide the bag after a few bites because they will be gone faster then you can imagine.

Pretzel Crisps

This reinvented version of the pretzel is a great addition to your healthy snack stash. Pretzel Crisps contain no trans or saturated fats and have only 21-23 grams of carbohydrate per serving. These thin, flat-baked pretzel crackers can be eaten straight out of the bag, paired with other foods like meat, cheese, fruit and veggies or “skinny dipped” in your favorite low fat dip. Try the delicious new flavors, like Gluten Free Original Minis and Gluten Free Salted Caramel Minis.


Okay, I love chocolate and anything with chocolate immediately makes it to the top of my must-eat list. These fair trade snacks are verified non-GMO and blend dark chocolate with nuts, seeds, fruit and even quinoa. barkTHINS are truly irresistible YUM.

Skinny Cow Iced Coffee

Treat yourself to these delicious iced coffees that won’t leave you feeling guilty – one bottle has only 120 calories! You have a choice between Vanilla Latte, Creamy Cappuccino, and Mocha Latte – super hard to decide which one tastes best. Skinny Cow smooth flavorful drinks will hit the spot any time of the day.

Sargento Balanced Breaks

When you need a protein pick-me-up, look no further than the new Sargento Balanced Breaks. This wholesome snack provides the perfect combo of delicious cheese with crunchy nuts and sweet dried fruit. These all-in-one snacks have under 200 calories and come in individualized trays. The only negative is it’s super hard to choose which of the four tasty combos to eat!

Just Cookie Dough

When you are craving something decadent and oh so good for dessert, there’s nothing better than cookie dough. But since we aren’t supposed to eat uncooked eggs and making cookies leaves a lot of clean-up – we found a much better solution to satisfy your craving. Indulge in Just Cookie Dough, a new all-natural sweet treat that’s completely dairy-free, cholesterol free, and allergy friendly.  You can just grab a spoonful anytime you need it. We hear they are great baked too.



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